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Through its programme of artistic residencies CMMAS offers space, resources, infrastructure and staff to carry out creative, experimenting, research, multidiscipline and non conventional projects in a comprehensive way.
The artists who are interested in carrying out residencies in CMMAS may post their projects through the web-page (Activities> Work submission).
Once they are accepted, the projects are programmed in coordination with CMMAS staff and the candidate.

Among the artists and groups that have carried out residencies in CMMAS we mention the following:

Ensembles and orchestras:
Ensamble Ónix (Mexico)
Orquesta P’urhépecha “Tiamu Uricha” (Mexico)
Orquesta P’urhépecha “Janintserakua” (Mexico)
Cuarteto Swarmius (U.S.A.)
Lumínico (Mexico)

Javier Nandayapa (Mexico)
Wendy Holdaway (Mexico/U.S.A.)
Iracema de Andrade (Mexico/Brazil)
Joao González (Mexico)
Duane Cochrane (Mexico/U.S.A.)
Gregory Walker (U.S.A.)
Gansesh Anandan (Canada/India)
Pablo Gómez (Mexico)

Sonic and multidisciplinary artists:
Tao Vrhovec Sambolec (Slovenia-Holland)
Volkmar Klien (Austria)
Kunstgruppe Gottlieb (Germany)
Alexis O´Hara (Canada)
Alejandro Castaños (Mexico)
Erick Meyenberg (Mexico)
Cristian Manzutto (Mexico)
Natalia Reza y Eric Sánchez (Mexico)

Mario Lavista (Mexico)
Michael Matthews (Canada)
Richard Lerman (U.S.A.)
Pablo di Liscia (Argentina)
Hannes Taljaard (South Africa)
Gabriela Ortiz (Mexico)
Joseph Waters (U.S.A.)
Orlando García (Cuba/U.S.A.)

…among plenty…