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The capital of the Mexican state of Michoacán, is also one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and a world heritage site (named by UNESCO in 1992) for its imposing colonial architecture as well as its historical importance as the ideological cradle of Mexico's independence .

Michoacán, the state in which Morelia is located, is one of the entities with the greatest wealth of cultures originating in Mexico. Here, the great Purhépecha empire is known, long before the arrival of the Spaniards, known for never having fallen under Aztec domination, which controls central Mexico and much of Central America, which gives this culture characteristics unique in relation to the rest of the country.

Its varied and delicious cuisine is a clear example of cultural wealth, but without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges for visitors is experienced during the celebration of the Night of the Dead, a festival of great color and symbolism for the inhabitants of this land.

Morelia has always had a great artistic-cultural vocation, which has manifested itself especially through music, for some examples, it is the seat of one of the oldest and most important conservatories in Mexico, and the birthplace of prominent musicians such as Manuel Bernal

For 10 years, CMMAS adds the touch of innovation to a long local tradition of great musicians and artists in an unbeatable environment for creativity.

A city that is well worth knowing and enjoying!

Photos: Morelia Municipal Tourism
  • Palacio Federal

  • Día de muertos

  • Plaza de Armas

  • Jardín Villalongín

  • Acueducto

  • Convento San Agustín


Michoacán has a great variety of folklore, musical and dance tradition that manifests itself in its pagan-religious festivals. This cultural tradition is the result of the indigenous and Spanish heritage that, when merged, gave rise to our Michoacan identity. Proof of this are the celebrations of Night of the Dead, Holy Week and countless religious holidays in the interior of the state.

Traditions where our customs and values meet and rediscover the entity.

The native dances represent a narrow bond of union.


The variety of regional cuisine does not seem to have limits. The Purhepecha, attached as they are to the earth, have taken advantage of grains and fruits to create a world of authentic delicacies that have integrated spices and meats that came with European cuisine.

Among the thousand and one flavors of regional food, the most appreciated is undoubtedly white fish, considered a real delicacy. The Tarascan soup, the famous corks, the uchepos, the placero chicken, the fritters, the zamoranos chongos, the Morelian atas, the atoles, the carnitas, the churere, the churipo, the minguiche, the pozole, the have also crossed our borders. tortilla chips, chocolate metate, charanda and cane brandy, tasty appetizer (especially the reposado).

Naturally, in Morelia there is everything, but the chickens and enchiladas of San Agustín, the carnitas del Carmen, the huchepos, the corondas and the grilled meat of their numerous dining rooms enjoy special prestige.

The typical dishes of the region are: the morisqueta (cooked white rice, with fried beans and stewed sauce with cheese or meat) and the aporreadillo (strips of dried meat stewed in red sauce). They also make a kind of tamales of sweet corn called uchepos and others wrapped in cornfield leaf with a little sauce and meat, called corundos.

Other delicious dishes that can be tasted in Morelia are: pozole, michi broth, cabbage in nogada, ranchera tortilla, Pátzcuaro style charal broth, dried charales, ciabatta, Morelian enchiladas, Pátzcuaro white fish, chupiro, beef tenderloin in pepitoria, turkey mole, huitzimangan soup, purepecha soup.

In addition to their dishes, in Morelia you can try typical desserts such as zamoranos chongos, quince tie, capirotada, cajeta, banana cake, pasta ice cream.

The typical drinks of Morelia are: the charanda, the rompope, the mezcal, the white atole, the quince liqueur and the macaw.

Photos: Morelia Municipal Tourism


Airlines that fly to Morelia

Mexicana :
American Airlines:
Aeropuerto de Morelia / Morelia’s airport:


From Morelia airport, ground transportation is provided by two companies that have a fleet of 77 vehicles, including cars from Eurovan vans.

Taking the taxi from the taxi company of the Morelia bus terminal is very safe. Tickets for these taxis can be purchased within their facilities.