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The National School of Higher Studies (ENES), Campus Morelia, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); la The Michoacán Ministry of Culture (SECUM) y el National Center for the Arts (CENART), through the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts (CMMAS), offer this opportunity for researchers, students, composers, sound and audio-visual artists to participate in the “Visiones Sonoras Electroacoustic Composition Meeting" that will take place from September 23rd to 26th , 2020 as part of the sixteenth edition of the International Festival of Music and New Technologies, Visiones Sonoras.

Aiming to promote an interdisciplinary approach as part of the festival, applicants can be composers, sound and audio-visual artists, as well as researchers and performers of any age and nationality, who have developed their artistic work or projects through the use of new technologies.

Visiones Sonoras is a space for reflection and communication that encourages research and sound creation with new technologies, within an open and inclusive conversation about the use of sound as an expressive tool. It is a meeting point to foster the exchange of ideas and dialogue between peers.

Coordinated by CMMAS, the event will be held at ENES, UNAM Campus Morelia, in order to promote academic ties between students and researchers from Mexico and abroad.

Bajo la coordinación general del CMMAS, el evento se realizará en la sede de la ENES Campus Morelia, de la UNAM, con el fin de fomentar los vínculos académicos entre estudiantes e investigadores de México y el extranjero.

We specially look forward to receiving applications from students, from public and private institutions , thus aiming expand their professional networks and establishing possible academic links.

Participation modalities

Candidates can participate of the "Visiones Sonoras Electroacoustic Composition Meeting" in one of its two modalities:

  1. Attendance to the Meeting.
    Those selected will be able to attend all academic and artistic activities that take place during the Festival at no cost.
  2. Presentation of academic work
    Those selected, in addition to the "Attendance to the Meeting" benefits can have a brief presentation of 15 minutes to present an academic work of their own. It may contain musical and / or sound references. Please bear in mind that this is not a space for a concert or to present complete pieces. In special cases, you can request a presentation up to 25 minutes with a valid justification.

    This modality aims to have an more active participation of those selected in the Meeting, to offer an opportunity for the dissemination of their work and ideas, as well as to promote their abilities to interact with a community of professionals in constant development.


All materials for any modality must be sent in digital format only through the electronic page, in the section Activities> Application of Projects> Register Project> Category: Visiones Sonoras Encuentro 2020, as long as they fully comply with the formats specified in the "Documentation" section.

  • Submissions by mail, email or download links will not be accepted.
  • The applicants that are selected will be announced on June 19th, 2020 through the Festival's website: and through CMMAS’ website: and they will be required to confirm their attendance through a registration of participation no later than July 24th, 2020.

Also, those selected will receive an email to the email address registered in their application.


  • The Selection Committee for the 2020 edition will consist of composers and artists with extensive international experience in the fields of electroacoustic music and audio-visual creation, as well as members of CMMAS, who will participate in the different activities of the Festival.
  • The number of participants in the Meeting will depend on the spaces and characteristics of the Festival. Candidacies that are not accepted do not imply a disqualification of the candidate's work.
  • The Festival will receive as many applicants as possible, but those applicants who have not been selected will be welcome to the activities and concerts.
  • The following criteria will be considered for the purposes of evaluating applications, among others: CV, letter of benefits from participating, clarity and quality of the work samples and experience with new technologies.
  • In the case of applicants to the “Presentation of academic work” modality, the quality, relevance and clarity of the proposed projects will be taken into account, as well as the feasibility of their presentation requirements.

The Committee's decision will be final.

Any cases not foreseen in this call will be resolved by the Committee.


All interested parties must present the documentation detailed below:

  • Curriculum vitae containing the following information: full name, email, mobile number, age, place of birth, place of residence, and experience in working with electroacoustic / experimental music and technology.
  • A sample of their work in the field of electroacoustic / experimental music and /or sound creation, audio-visual or with new technologies in any of the formats accepted in the call (see below).
  • A commitment letter in which you agree, if selected, to attend all the academic and artistic activities (concerts and conferences) of the Festival in the city of Morelia, Michoacan. Each participant must cover all their travel and accommodation expenses.
  • A letter of no more than one page explaining how you would benefit from participating.

Those who wish to apply for “Presentation of academic work” modality, must include a summary of maximum 200 words of the work to be presented in the 15-minute presentation. For 25 minute presentations, please add a detailed justification in no more than 100 words.
The aforementioned documentation must be sent in digital format, according to the following specifications:

Image files in format
Audio files in format
Video files in format
.mov o .mp4
Text and scores files in format
.doc, .docx, .txt o .pdf
All documentation needs to be compressed into a single .zip file, maximum 20mb




All those selected aplicants will be able to participate at no cost in the Electroacoustic Composition Meeting in any of the two modalities.

All expenses of transportation, accommodation and food will be borne by the participant. Sadly, CMMAS will not be able to support any type of expense in this edition of the festival.

CMMAS and Visiones Sonoras would gladly send invitation letters so that the selected participants can apply for financial assistance for their trip to Morelia. This letter must be requested once the final list has been published and your participation must be confirmed by Friday, July 24th, 2020.


The activities of the Meeting and Festival will take place in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico in various venues, but mainly at the Morelia Campus of the UNAM, located at: Antigua Carretera a Pátzcuaro 8701, Col. Ex Hacienda de San José de la Huerta, C.P. 58190, September 23rd - 26th , 2020.

For more information about this call: webpage:
Tel. CMMAS (+52) 443-317-5679 / 313-8343

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